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Cannot connect


I need to get connected to my uncle's computer. But his TV version is lower than mine. Then I uninstalled my 13 version and installed the 10 version. But since then I cannot log in into my TeamViewer. It says that my indentifier and my password are not associated to any account. But I have an account for several years. I tried to create a new account but it's not possible because the email address is already associated to an account. Well, this doesn't sound logical.

Can anybody help me? In almost 10 years it's the first time I encounter such a problem. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cannot connect

Hi @aucomint 

I suppose that you installed version 10 because is the same version with the remote computer. As a licensed user you have the ability to establish a connection between older versions (must be compatible with the operating system).

Maybe some settings of version 13 stored in your computer and must be removed. In this case, I would recommend you please, to completely uninstall the app from this pc following the way described here in this post, (also click to remove rettings), then reboot it and install the version again.

I hope this will give a solution to the issue you are facing.

Best regards