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Deploy TeamViewer Host MSI option file with relative path

Greetings. I'm trying to deploy a custom TeamViewer Host via Intune Win32 app, though not with Intune / Company Portal integration. So just at custom TeamViewer Host really. I run into problems when referencing the options file. I've created a intunewin file where the MSI setup file resides, as well as a subfolder "Options" where the .tvopt file resides. The problem is that I can't seem to use a relative path to reference the options file, as I get an error message stating that the reference file is not accessible. Is it possible to use relative paths here?

error message + install stringerror message + install string

Here's the install string:

msiexec.exe /i "TeamViewer15_Host.msi" /qn SETTINGSFILE="Options/TeamViewer15HostSettings.tvopt"


If I do a local install with an absolute path (C:\whatever\TeamViewer15HostSettings.tvopt) the install works as expected. As far as I can tell that won't work with a Win32 app deployment as there's not absolute path to reference, and the Win32 app states to use relative paths for extra files. Is there any way do this with a relative path?



When generating an .intunewin file, put any files you need to reference
into a subfolder of the setup folder.
Then, use a relative path to reference the specific file you need.
For example: Setup source folder: c:\testapp\v1.0 License file: c:\testapp\v1.0\licenses\license.txt Refer to the license.txt file by using the relative path licenses\license.txt.
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Re: Deploy TeamViewer Host MSI option file with relative path

I ran into this issue as well! You can get around it by using CMD to call the msi and use %CD% to generate the absolute path.

Here is an example

cmd.exe /c start msiexec.exe /i "TeamViewer_Host.msi" /qn SETTINGSFILE="%CD%\TeamViewer_Settings.tvopt"