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Devices limit in TeamViewer Corporate

Hello TeamViewers,

Can somebody clearify me how works limit with 500 devices per Corporate license?

Let say that I'll plan to install TV on around 2500 computers, every single one will be managed with TV Host client. Installation will be done using automatic assignment with api token (passed in parameters to installer), to provide automatic computer object creation on TV site, automatic policy assignment, proper sharing group categorization, and ofc easy access. We will have let say 50 persons with rights to access to that devices. Our license is TV Corporte (3 channels).

So now I'm little bit confused after reading this article:


My license will cover such scenario or not? If not, what shoud I do, to extend my license to have clear situation?

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Re: Devices limit in TeamViewer Corporate

Hello @lukasz_zagiersk,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

With the corporate license, you should be able to assign up to 500 devices to your account:

If you want to discuss what license you need for your specific use case, please contact our sales team directly: Contact our Sales team now! 

They will be happy to help. 😊

Best regards


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