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Is there anybody there??

We are having major issues that TeamViewer is just not sending emails for Trusting devices and though I have reported it days ago, I have not had a single reply.

It is not an issue with the the messages going to junk/spam, it is not an issue with our email server blocking the messages, the email server logs show the TV emails are just not arriving.

so how are we supppoosed to use the product if the process is broken?  TV should seriously consider allowing company administrators allowing the removal of this trusting of device necessaity.  Also there is no means to re-invite a TV user if they do not validate within a certain timescale.  Their token expires but there is no reset option.

In another Forum message there is a statement that within the TV client a logged-on admin can go to the connections menu to trust a device, but with the exception of Invite and Exit, none of those options work either.

Finally, if a system is trust by one admin, why isn't it trusted for all admins??  Each admin should not need to re-trust existing trusted systems.

Please pull your finger out and offer support.  you are a company that offers a product for remote support, so even within this flu crisis you should have remote staff working 'remotely'

You can perhaps tell we are very frustrated, but so far TeamViewer is not fit for purpose.

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Re: Is there anybody there??

Hello @KeithGadgetUK,

Thank you for your message. 🙌

We are very sorry to hear this.

Please be reassured, our staff is working remotely very hard to get all requests covered. 💯

You have opened a ticket, our support received your ticket. I kindly ask you to be patient - our support will get back to you shortly. 🙏



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