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No invoices - terrible customer service at the Polish Call Center.

For two months, we have been asking for duplicate invoices that have not arrived because someone in teamviewer changed the email address to an address we never gave them (one of the consultants said that it was related to the failure they had). Instead of invoices, we only received "Payment Receipt" for several months. Calling a call center is a miracle - usually no one answers. If you can get through to the people are very rude. It happened that the consultant hung up in the middle of the sentence. After changing the address, new invoices are coming in but there are no old ones. Every time, consultants say they have to check it and that's where the matter ends. The case is already critical enough that we had to report it to the Polish tax office. I'm afraid these invoices have simply never been issued.


My tickets #33401315 #33401361 #33401386 #33422750

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Re: No invoices - terrible customer service at the Polish Call Center.

Hello @pzygmunt,

Thank you for your message. 🙌

We are sorry to hear you had a bad customer support experience. 🙏
Looking at your tickets, the issues seem to be all resolved. Can you confirm?



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