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Permissions in a remote folder under VPN

My VPN is operating correctly and I  can see locally the shared folder on the remote machine.vpn_status_17_may_18_1740_gmt.jpg

 Very simple question:  how do I set the WIN 7 permissions on the remote machine's folder so I can see the contents in the VPN'd folder on my local machine.  Here is the error I receive:windows_can_not_access.jpg

 Here on the remote machine is where I need to set the permissions:


Please -no extensive techno-babble:  just the answer.

nb:  it is interesting to me that with all the back-and-forth and "hope this helps" at rthe Teamviewer Community Forum that not one single forum member has addressed in a straightforward demonstrative  manner the  exact steps needed to set the correct permissions in the remote shared folder - under VPN.