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Questions to teamviewer_service.exe

Hello there everyone! Im new here. I came here because im very paranoid right now.

My uncle gave me a laptop a year ago, and ive been using it. I saw it has teamviewer on it, and I didnt not just mind why there is a teamviewer I thought its not that important. Now I realize you can use the TeamViewer to spy on someone! I was worried he might be monitoring my activities throughout this entire year!!! I checked which programs are running on the "Process" via taskmanager and I saw TeamViewer. Based on what I read, TeamViewer_Service.exe can be used to spy on someone without them knowing because it doesnt need a logged in user in order for TeamViewer_Service.exe to run and spy on someone. I read that you should check if there is a recent connections thats been happening in connections_incoming.txt located at C:/Program Files(X86) (But my pc doesnt have a x86 programs files so I went at a regular Program Files. Is that correct? ) / TeamViewer/Connection_incoming.txt I dont see any connection_incoming.txt anywhere. But I did check the Logfiles it says something like TeamViewer_Service is running and there is a server at it!

How do I find out if someone been spying on me throughout the year? Or I'm just thinking too much? 

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Re: Questions to teamviewer_service.exe

Hi @RagingFist720 

Thank you for your post and first of all - no worries!

You can not spy on someone with TeamViewer. You will always have at least a little icon on the lower right corner of your desktop, if somebody is connected to you:2019-12-06 08_02_35-.png

If you want to make completely sure, that no one has access to your device at any time, you have the possibility to restrict the access rights for incoming TeamViewer connections. 

Please go to Extras --> Options --> Advanced --> Advanced settings for connections to this computer2019-12-06 08_05_17-TeamViewer options.png

If you deny incoming remote control sessions, no connection would be possible at all. If you choose to confirm all, then a little popup appears if someone wants to connect and if someone wants to click oder do any action. 

Please note that there is another option you may have to modify. Go to Extras --> Options --> Security:2019-12-06 08_10_29-TeamViewer options.png

Make sure, that the password fields are empty and Easy Access is unticked. Then no one has access to your device if you are not in front of it. 

Please do not give your ID and password to anyone you do not fully trust. And simply do not open TeamViewer if you don't want your TeamViewer ID to be online. Keep TeamViewer turned off and no one is able to connect at any time. 

Hope this could help. Wish you a great day and don't think that much ;-)

All the best,