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Remote Game Play

Hi. My son and I tried to (1) share my screen running a game, (2) have him hear the game sound remotely, (3) talk over VOIP (although we can talk on our cell phones if necessary), and if possible (4) be able take turns controlling the game on my screen.  We had him take remote access of my computer and we could both control the game, but his ability to hear the game sound on his end kept going in and out.  Even when we abandoned VOIP and talked on our cells, his ability to hear the game sound on his end was too spotty to continue. Only with his mic muted did the game's audio come through to him, and even when muted the game's audio stopped once I took back control. We had better luck with Discord, although there was no ability for him to control the game on my computer with that. Can we have it all with Teamview?  Thanks very much.

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Re: Remote Game Play

Hello @rocketmandc,

Thank you for your message and welcome in the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

This is a very cool use-case. it's always great to get this kind of stories - it brings us another perspective on how TeamViewer is used across the world.

Regarding your questions...

TeamViewer is essentially a remote control software. This means it has been developed for people who want to control remotely PC B from PC A. We developed the switch side feature, which allows you to switch the remote control rights from User A to User B. This would allow you to take rounds during the game you are playing with your son. However, this feature is only available for TeamViewer license holders.

About the audio issue: When your son connects to your PC, he should be able to hear the audio output of it, if the box Play computer sounds and music is ticked in the TeamViewer options. However, depending on the hardware you are using, it will more or less work fluidly.

Therefore, for this use-case, the free version of TeamViewer might not be the best solution.

I hope this could help. 🍀

If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. 👇



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