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Restrict remote users

I've been a long time VNC user and recently switched to TeamViewer. It seems much more stable!

I use it to support my family's PCs and laptops.

I put a password on the config area and prevented them from connecting to other computers.

I'd like to disable the ability for them to remove computers from the "Computers & Contacts" area.

Can this be done?

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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

RE: Restrict remote users

Dear @nraygun,

Thank you for your post and great feedback.

Is it your TeamViewer account with which you are logged in? If you like, you can create an other account for your family. 

When you add the new account (emailaddress) as contact to your Computer & Contact list, you could share the groups with this account with the permissions "read-only"

Share 2.jpg

Share 1.jpg

You are the group owner and administrator, after sharing, you will then see a little cloud 
beside the foldername. Now, no one can delete your Computer & Contacts.

Hope this was helpful!

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