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Set up account on wrong computer

I'm a long-time LogMeIn user who's new to TeamViewer, and think I set up my account "backward." That is, I created the account while using the computer that I want to access remotely (let's call it Remote) instead of the one from which I'll be working (let's call it Master). When I then logged in online from Master, I was asked to add a computer. I added Master, and it now appears in my computer list - the only one there. I can't get to Remote.

Can I now simply add Remote by getting someone who's using it to open Team Viewer and give me an ID code? It's in another city so I can't physically access it myself. Or will I have to somehow re-establish my account from Master?

Put another way, is the account tied to the computer from which it was established, or can I simply add computers by installing TV on them, obtaining a code, and adding to my account?

Thanks for any insight that will help me get my mind around the setup. The whole system of codes is different than I'm used to.
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Re: Set up account on wrong computer

Hi Kathy,

Welcome to TeamViewer!

The TeamViewer Account (aka Computers & contacts list) is saved in the cloud and you can created it on any computer and reach it later from any computer. So you do not have to worry to have it set up on the wrong computer.

You can easily add all your remote devices to your TeamViewer account by clicking on the icon with the person and the + on it: 

add remote computer.png

 You will need to add the TeamViewer ID of the remote device to save it. You can save a permanent password as well for unattended access. Each computer has a unique TeamViewer ID which does not change and this makes it so easy to connect to all your devices easily via your TeamViewer account.

I added a few links to the reply which will help you in getting started. Our Knowledge Base has a lot of helpful articles. Please feel free to browse around and in case of any questions, just post your questions in our community again :-)

Best, Esther

Community Manager

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