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Teamviewer for Synology NAS

I use Teamviewer to have access to some Synology devices. I installed the TeamViewer package on each device and that workd great but there seems to be some limitation that concerns the web browser. Some Synology packages open in a new web browser window.

When I have acces to my Synology devices over TeamViewer and some package needs to open a webbrowser window InternetExplorer is always used although Chrome is set to my default browser. When I uninstall IE no webbrowser window will be opened.

When I have access to my Synology devices over a webbrowser Chrome as my defaulkt browser is used.

For some unknown reason TeamViewer seems to force Synology packages to use IE but as far as I know there is no way to change that. 

Is anybody familiar with this problem? Did I miss any settings? Or is this by design?

I hope any reaction comes up.

Regards, Job