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UBUNTU device authorizationb -= bad URL from TeamViewer s/w

When attempting to update my home HTPC PCs (Zotac ID-41s, Ubunto, Kodi, 4GB, 1TB SDD) the TeamViewer AUTHORIZATION system fails

Specifically, TeamViewer sends CHALLENGE/CONFIRMATION email with URL to click on to prove this is trusted device for your account

Unfortunately, with the Linux version of TV, it sends you you a URL of about 256 chars and FOREGETs to insert "." before the ".com" ... if you click on the URL you get of course get DNS unresolved error

This went on for 2+ hours while desperately trying to solve OTHER non-TV issues .. when it daned on us that TV was the culprit .. we then took the URL from the email and INSEWRTED the necessary period in front of COM and off it ran successfully

https://login.teamviewercom/authorizedevice.aspx?version=1&token=BQwBBAAAAGajPAICBAAAABd9_CgDCgAAAEJ1cmxpbmdhbWUEAgAAAFVTBQ8AAAAyMDE5MDExMVQwMjI3NDUGAgAAAGVuBxAAAAD5jZm_DyotqSwEHjA7sFtgCEAAAADfDfY583Ez9PdhKemYR2iuevqghpRQbhSBrrtGdDZWeODDHPEeDtIy96Dgj94cl_XIKe-wf5X8z4vrNd1-b5RUCQwAAABBYXJvbiBaT1JORVMKDAAAAAECAwQFBgcJCwwNCgwNAAAANzMuNzAuMjM5LjE0Of4BAAAALA  **NOTE MISSING PERIOD !!!**