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Windows 10 misaligned fullscreen

I was remoting from my Win10 Anniversary PC into my Win8 PC, and I noticed that I wasn't always able to click browser tabs. Turns out that's because the whole screen is shifted down 2 rows when sent through.

Even worse that while the screen is shifted 2 rows, the cursor is only shifted one, resulting in clicking below one-pixel clicks.

Tests I have used:

Note the hidden header on the second image: one row is still visible.

Also reproduced on Win10 Creators (on 1280x800), but Win8 doesn't have this problem.

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Re: Windows 10 misaligned fullscreen

Same problem here. When clicking on remote computer browser tabs, it closes out of teamviewer and I have to reestablish connection. Any fix for this yet? It makes working on the remote computer extremely frustrating!