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Windows 10 ver 2004 - Client Start Menu does not size or scroll.

Using free TV to manage siter-in-law's computer(client) . Client is a Dell E7480 running up to date Windows 10 ver 2004. TV 15.8.3. I'm running TV 15.8.3 on my end as well.  When remoting in, all looks fine but the Windows Start menu does no size properly and does not scroll. Some (but not all) settings windows have a similar no-scroll. File explorer, Control Planel and the more traditional functions look and scroll correctly. Updated the video drivers on the clent but no improvement . Client uses Intel 520 chipset. Client is on a 100mbps ISP link and tests at 70mbps. The behavior is not observed locally. I have two other clients running 2004 that work fine.  Any Ideas?