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allow remote connection to existing host

I have Teamviewer paid license 15.4.3115. I then install Teamviewer host on each PC I implement on my network for user and hardware support, allowing auto connect from my desktop. I absolutely love it! 

I have a user at home and would like to allow them to connect to one of the PC's (hosts) on my network. I ask the home user to download Quick Connect and provide them the ID of the intented host -- can't connect. I ask the home user to download Teamviewer full version - can't connect.

Please advise - there is something I clearly don't understand about Teamviewer

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Re: allow remote connection to existing host

Hello @fixedopman,

Thank you for your message. 🙌

Per default, your home workers that have a licensed account should be able to connect with the full version to your Hosts.

What do you mean with "can't connect"?
Is there a error message you can share? Maybe share a screenshot with us?

Many thanks in advance for your reply.



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