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Activate Business license (legacy)

We purchased a business licence this week in Serbia. When we followed installation steps we entered our email adress [information removed by moderator] which was used for a free version previously and it cannot be registered to business account. Customer support in Serbia advised us to contact you. We created a new email adress [information removed by moderator] and we ask you to change the adress for us so we can activate our license.

Thankfully, Mirjana Kovačevic.

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Re: Activate Business license (legacy)

Hi @tiliazu 

Thank you for your post.

In order to activate your TeamViewer license, kindlt read How to activate your license please.

You may choose either email account for license activation. Please noted that email verification must complete, which means that an  email would be sent to your designated email inbox for email address confirmation.

Feel free to contact TeamViewer Support Team if you would like individual support assistance.