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Add-on for Huawei can not be installed

I am facing a problem with remote managing Huawei P9 lite mobile phone due to missing some add-on. During an attempt to conenct with Huawei (Germany location) from Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Poland location), the owner of the Huawei states that she constantly receives a request to install missing add-on (there is no problem with connection from Huawei to Samsung and no request for add-on pop-up). When she clicks to install, then the message says that the add-on can not be installed from her region. Installation of the add-on for Huawei from Play Store is not helpful. Both mobiles work on Android. Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Add-on for Huawei can not be installed

Hello @arechlicki,

Thank you for your message.

Could you provide us with the following information about this Huawei device:

  • Exact model name
  • Article reference
  • Date of release

About the Samsung device, we currently have a situation around this topic. You will find all the latest info in this thread: 

Many thanks in advance.



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