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And again the login window on macOS stucks...

Hi All,

And again I am having issues with login from Mac to Mac using TV version 14 to Mac Mini with TV Host latest version. I have read a lot of articles here, regarding this issue, but nothing helps. "Lock computer" and "Just type a password if login window stuck" - does not help. Any other suggestions? Maybe somehow remotely reboot Mac Mini?

I do not have remote access to my home router, because ISP uses double NATing and Mac Mini with TV Host on it, is just my only way to get to the home equipment.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: And again the login window on macOS stucks...

This doesn't appear to be a bug in MacOS Mojave's TeamViewer implementation and I assume this is strictly a TeamViewer app issue. I usually use Tight TeamViewer to connect to my Mac at home from work and I was getting the same spinning login. This time I tried to use the Screen Sharing feature built into OSX (by going to Command+K and entering vnc://ipaddress:port) and it prompted for my laptop's credentials and boom I was in with no problems while the window was still spinning.

You may need to reboot the Mac OR see if you can uninstall the current version of TeamViewer on your Mac.

Hope that helps!