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Posted by rickyswang

Andoid Host with latest QS Add-on not working on my Huawei devices


      I have two Huawei devices, "Honor Note 8" and "HUAWEI MediaPad T3 10", both are of Android 7, and both have same problem.   Today when I click "Connect" in  "computer and contacts" in "", everything seems OK, I can transfer files  and uninstall apps remotely, except the remote Android device screen was not shown , see below picture. 

In the log file in Android device,  I found error message "ModuleScreen start RcMethodAddonV2 failedags-w09_2.pngerror message in device log file

ags-w09_2.pngerror message in device log file

ags-w09.pngremote control not work: remote screen not shown

Could any guru please help me?