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Posted by therodet

Billing / Invoices

I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but where can I find billing / invoice history? I have a TeamViewer-related charge on my credit card that I need to identify, and I can find no information about it anywhere.

I have a TeamViewer Corporate account.

Thank you.

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Posted by Former Staff Jonathan
Former Staff

Re: Billing / Invoices

Hi therodet,

Thanks for your post!

Since you are having a license, please contact your local TeamViewer support center to review and verify any TeamViewer related charges on your credit card.

All the best,


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Posted by UID

Re: Billing / Invoices

Surely there must be a way to view the current billing/invoice detail online?

I need this, but your call center is closed. I can't find it anywhere when I am logged into the Teamviewer site, I don't have an email with it either.

I don't want to call a phone number during specific hours just to get our billing history, is there no way to get this information online if I am the administrative account for our plan and I am logged in?

Please advise, thanks.

Posted by HolmanWebb

Re: Billing / Invoices

This is unprofessional for an organization of Teamviewer's size. When the accounts department starts blocking payments because we can't provide an invoice maybe they will sort this.
Posted by BB2

Re: Billing / Invoices

I couldn't believe it... I thought I was doing something wrong. All other software we use online we just login and go to the billing section. Why TeamViewer does not provide this is baffling... Causes issues for us as we have to report all expenses to finance and we can't...

Are key people at TeamViewer even aware of this ?!?

Posted by lknute

Re: Billing / Invoices

Ditto these responses.  I get an email from TeamViewer saying I need to update my payment method, and it directs me to a website that asks for an invoice number.  I don't have any outstanding invoice to pay!  If I put in an old paid invoice number, it lets me put in new payment information, but then apparently only gives the option to "PAY"!

This is a very cumbersome and confusing system!  Is there some reason that a basic billing history and payment methods screen cannot be implemented???

Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: Billing / Invoices

Hi lknute,

Thank you for posting.

With regards to your individual license and invoice, please feel free to contact our support team directly so that one of our specialist can follow up with you.

Best regards,

Posted by hawcs

Re: Billing / Invoices

I thought I was going mad.

I need to update an auto renewal credit card.  Something basic right.

From reading this it looks like can't?  

Posted by AGIS

Re: Billing / Invoices

Totally unprofessional for a product which costs $1400 per year.

Perhaps the TeamViewer staff does not understand how corporate accounting works, e.g. every credit card charge (in fact every payment)  must have an associated invoice.  If not the accounting department asks (in this case IT) to provide one.

And thus it is imperative that TeamViewer provides a method for customers to retrieve and print previous invoices.

Perhaps if we translate these replies to German, TeamViewer will respond to our requests.


Posted by BB2

Re: Billing / Invoices

We have had it with TeamViewer not just for billing but also support and licences. Even their backend, you try to login and says that your browser is not a trusted device, then you get a link with like a 15 min read just to conclude that an email is going to be sent to you so you approve **bleep** the browser and never recieve the email. Meanwhile you have people on the phone waiting. And we're not talking about a 20 dollar a month kind of software. As if !!!! We're done.
Posted by GuyFromQueens

Re: Billing / Invoices

I'm at wits end. They seem to refuse us invoices in print or email form. They have to be requested, with a 48-hour delay. We fought them on this, told us they didn't have to comply with US federal receipt law because they were German.

We may cancel our service, as this is very odd and unprofessional for a company of this scale. It's also very suspect that CS agents have a "we aren't American" response when we quote US law, about a credit card statement indicating that we are being billed by a Teamviewer office in Florida.

Posted by Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

Re: Billing / Invoices

Hello @GuyFromQueens,

Thank you for your post, and your feedback.

We can definitely understand your frustration. If you wouldn't mind Private Messaging me your contact information, we can have a senior representative reach out to you for additional clarification.

Thanks in advance!

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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