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Posted by kingalex70

Can't update to version 15

Hi everyone,

I have a problem! I have 3 computers. In one of them, I can't install the version 15, so, when I try to connect with another of my computers, I can't because are different versions.

I've tried to download it from the site, but the link download the version 14

I also tried to install it from the exe file from my others computers, but when I start the exe file, it is empty!

Help, help, help!


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Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: Can't update to version 15

Hi @kingalex70,

Thank you for posting in community.

By default, when downloading TeamViewer, it should directly downloading the latest available version for installation. However, in special cases, TeamViewer would only provide the suitable version for download and installation. Can you kindly check the compatability of operating system and TeamViewer version please and choose the corresponding version to match your operating system.

Hope it would be helpful.    



Posted by kingalex70

Re: Can't update to version 15

Thanks a lot for the answer.

My computer mith version 14 is a winXp.

So, another question. In this case, one computer has version 14 and the other has version 15, how can I transfer my files from one to the other? If I work from the version 14 the sotware say me that the other computer has a newer version and can't able to connect. If I work from the computer with version 15, the software doesn't connect the computers without an explication.

Maybe the solution is to install version 14 in all my computers till I change the old one?

Thanks a lot.