Cannot connect to user that is on Windows VPN


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Cannot connect to user that is on Windows VPN

I have an issue with some of the computers I try to connect to when the user is on a VPN connection.  This is not the Teamviewer VPN, the user is using a standard WIndows IPsec VPN connection to get access to our network drives.  Most of the time it says Connecting..., then after a pause, I get an error:No connection to partner!  Partner did not connect to router.  Error Code: WaitforConnectFailed.  If they disconnect VPN, boom!, I'm in right away (after password).  Sometimes, after 3-4 minutes it will let me in, but not usually.

This is very frustrating as I sometimes am dealing with trouble that requires them to be connected to the network.  

I am running licensed V15.7.6 Teamviewer.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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Re: Cannot connect to user that is on Windows VPN

Hello @CQuackenbush,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

Yes, this sounds familiar to us and is actually expected that it is not working:

The reason for this is that the VPN locks both devices in a virtual private network as the name says. TeamViewer can't access this private network and can therefore not establish a connection.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this.

I hope this could help. 🍀

Best regards


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