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Clean screen upon logout of a remote session

I am a personal user of TeamViewer and love it! I use it to support my 98-year-old mother who is pretty sharp but I need to keep things simple for her. When I do remote control to help her with something, Teamviwer leaves a small window open on her screen thanking us to play fair. This little window is confusing to her and I would prefer that her screen is "clean" when I leave... with no trace of Teamviewer on the desktop. Is there a way to do this? I tried turning off Teamviewer notifications (windows 10) and this does not work.

In times of Covid-19 lockdowns, Teamviewer has been a godsend!

Thanks for your help.

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1 Reply
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Re: Clean screen upon logout of a remote session

Hi @Roger49 

I kindly ask you to read this thread about this sponsored message. As it seems, you must have a license for remove it once for all. 

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