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Posted by RodneyB

Does windows 10 pro - trigger "Suspicion of Commercial Use" use regardless of my activities" ?

The reason that I am a fan of Teamviewer is that since I travel internationally considerably for work I can still log into home check the home email, sort out my home automation bits and
fortunately/unfortunately be the tech support for our aging aunt.  All so far removed for
commercial use.  It has been a fine solution for years.

But this year I purchase a new laptop the came with windows 10pro and I have triggered
"suspected commercial use" three -four times and it has been a wait of 10 - 14 days to send log files a be released from the auto log out.  If I do the same activities via my smart phone there is no problem at all.

Perhaps someone could point out another reason this is going wrong for me.
I would even purchase a base license to end this problem but honestly for a home use only benefit the cheapest licence is sizeable for a not for income useage.