Posted by Sporking

Easy access and deployment issues

Hi all

I've got two problems so far in deploying teamviewer and easy access. I've been working on this for a while now and I think my brain has just turned to mush 

We've just got a teamviewer license, and I've made a nice TV Host, with it adding to a group called Laptops, and I'm deploying it with this command

msiexec.exe /i "teamviewer_host.msi" /qn APITOKEN= ***TOKEN*** ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--alias %Computername% --grant-easy-access --group laptops --proxy ***Proxy*** --proxy-user ***Me*** --proxy-pw ***MyPassword*** " CUSTOMCONFIGID=" ***ID*** "


The problem is it will install fine, no issue, but it'll be a generic Host, not add it to the account, and no easy access

Is there something wrong with my command that I'm using?


Also the current problem, which I think is more of a huge misunderstanding on my part, is to do with the easy access

I've installed the host on a handful of computers, added them to my account then enabled easy access, which works fine for me, but if any of my colleagues are trying to connect in, it'll show on their accounts but easy access isn't enabled and they're prompted for a password. I had hoped that with us all on one account we'd all gain easy access to anything, is that not the case or have I not set up everything correctly?