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Posted by corestaples

How do I connect automatically to a specific windows local account?

Hello folks.

Computer newbie here and wanted to know how to automatically connect to a specific Windows 7 local account after that computer has just turned on.

Background on host/target computer (call it HOSTESS): 2 windows user account exist. "Administrator" and "Dave"

What I want to do:

  1. When the HOSTESS computer is turned on, we are presented with these 2 accounts on the screen if we sit in front of the HOSTESS computer.
  2. When I tried to connect to the HOSTESS computer from a remote computer, I cannot find the connection because it looks like I have not "chosen" which account to connect to FIRST in order to show it on the remote machine's teamviewer.
  3. Only if I select either of the user accounts, be it "Administrator" or "Dave", will the connection be made then I can see the HOSTESS computer I am connecting to.

Why I want to do the automatic selection of a specific windows account:

  1. We are going on the road the computer will be turned off after we are done.
  2. Because of the time difference, one of our staff just has to turn on the computer when they leave at end of day, so they do not have to log in and not have to know which account or password we want to use when connecting remotely. They just have to turn it on basically and that's it. (wake on lan does not work as we do not have a fixed ip).


How can I connect from remote computer to our "HOSTESS\Dave" windows account automatically after making the teamviewer connection?

Thank you for your help.