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How to insert two mouses at the same time?

Hello, people.

It's my first time writing here on this community. I'm a teacher and, in this situation of COVID-19, I'm taking classes on TeamViewer. But the dynamics on the internet and the real life are different.

For that reason, I would like to insert two mouses: one for my student to use the computer and another for me to point and give instructions in class.

Is this possible at all?


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Re: How to insert two mouses at the same time?

Hi @brendo_95 

As far as I know, Windows support one cursor on the screen which you can use it by two mouses.

Another case it could be to using a touch monitor by you and leave the mouse the student.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards

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Re: How to insert two mouses at the same time?

Hello, Vatsilidis.

Thanks for the response. But I don't have a touch monitor. However, I found an option that can help: It's possible to block the student cursor while texting and guiding him. 

I could, also, find another option that can allow two mouses, but both can manage the computer simultaneously. 

ASAP, I can post here.