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It's been an exercise in frustration using Teamviewer.

I've been unable to login to a long-used account on a new machine. Fair enough, it's a security measure. But then, I never receive the verification email, EVER. Not even after 2 months, it's not there.

Can't turn on 2-step verification because I can't get into my account on the site, not even from the browser I used to originally setup the account.

So I setup a new account. That goes well until I attempt to add a computer and get: 

Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.


Over and over again, no matter the browser. 

Even trying to post in the community for the first time is frustrating, with no clear indication as to where to go.

But I don't want to just vent. Does anyone know a solution to either the "not recognize browser" or the processing error?

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Re: It's been an exercise in frustration using Teamviewer.

Hi pbase,

I am not sure I fully understood your request. I try to give you some advice about the problems you detect... if I can :-)

In this post ( myself point out how "annoying" the recognition of the new device account mechanism. In the request I mark it as questionable achieved recognition mechanism. Try to look at it

In relation to the error code signals, provided that you have a licensed product and has transferred your license between the various accounts created, probably that mistake is translatable as:
- The device you are trying to add is already present among those stated. -> {"error": "internal_error", "error_description": "This is Already buddy in the buddy list of the group owner.", "Error_code": 3 }

For this, try to see post

Hope this helps!


Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder
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