Log into account during deployment?

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Log into account during deployment?

We recently upgraded fom TV12 to TV15, and the change in license management is kicking our **bleep**.  In 12, the license was simply added to the Windows Registry, but in 15, the computer must be logged into an account to gain access to our enterprise license.

Is it possible to configure the install command or tvopt file to log into our TeamViewer account?  Simply assigning the computer to our account doesn't seem to provide access to the license, unless I'm missing something.

Scenario for reference:
We have 150+ laptops.  Any one of them might need to connect to another one, or to an external customer's computer.  We've purchased a 4-seat license to cover these connections, since they are for commercial purposes.  In TeamViewer 12, they'd all be licensed with a reg file during install, and we also had a shared-use account if they wanted to schedule meetings.  Now that we're doing TeamViewer 15 installs, I've got everything configured except to letting users access our paid license.

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Re: Log into account during deployment?

Hello @Webin,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

Yes, you are correct. The system has changed since version 13.2.

Back in the days, you were able to activate locally the license on your devices via the license key in order to flag your devices as being licensed.

Now, you need to create a company profile and create a licensed user for each of your supporters within the Management Console. They will have to login into the TeamViewer client to be recognized as licensed users. If they do not log in, they will be recognized as free license users.

You still can deploy customized TeamViewer modules (Host or full version) by following the instructions of this article: How to deploy TeamViewer on your IT-infrastructure

I hope this could help. 🍀

Do not hesitate to ask your questions here. 👇



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