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Posted by Flacito

No Log File Preset - Unable to Request Free License

There exists no log file within the parent folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer. This log file is necessary to request a free license, which I need to do because when my free trial finished I was unable continue using teamviewer. Teamviewer believes I'm a business user rather than a private user. However, as it does not exist, I am unable to request a free license of teamviewer, since the 'support ticket' obligates me to attach such a log to my request.

How do I proceed from here? One possible reason why its not there may be because I had completely removed Teamviewer from my PC and subsequently reinstalled it. I did that in the hope that Teamviewer would reset itself, enabling me to continue using it as a private user.

Now it seems I'm stuck. Teamviewer still recognizes me as a business user, forcing me to buy a license, while the website states it is free for personal use, which I am using it for. 

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Posted by joshuajag

Re: No Log File Preset - Unable to Request Free License