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Posted by ella2

Other options to wake on lan?

Hello! Teamviewer seemed like a great solution for me, as I have a very powerful pc at college, but I will be going back home across country and will still need access to my pc for school work. There are some issues that I am coming across.. living in a college dorm, my pc is only running on wifi and not ethernet, which seems necessary for the wake on lan feature. My only option seems to be to leave my pc running all decemeber? I was wondering if my pc goes into "sleep" mode with the pc still running can teamviewer still access the pc? Im planning on buying a cheap laptop to access it with, but I dont have one now to test it out. I was also wondering if there is another way to turn on a pc remotely through wifi? or some sort of adapter? thanks//

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Re: Other options to wake on lan?

Hello @ella2

Thank you for your message.

This articles will definitely help you out setting up Wake on Lan on your devices:

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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