Posted by hchan

Received email that TeamViewer ID reset, still hasn't


A while ago I used Teamviewer for the first time, and accidentally installed it as commerical use. As the trial expired and I found out the mistake I made, I submitted a ID reset request at the form here. Subsequently, last Friday I received an email from Teamviewer informing me that my Teamviewer ID has been reset to "free". However, as of today Teamviewer still shows that my trial has expired and still requests me to either buy a license or extend the trial period. I have tried restarted the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling Teamviewer, and deleting any registry keys associated with Teamviewer, but the problem has persisted.

Could someone here solve the problem? Thank you!

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Posted by tokar

Re: Received email that TeamViewer ID reset, still hasn't

I'm in the same boat. Got the e-mail, just connected today and got the popup that my session will terminate in minutes because a computer is being used for commercial use.