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Posted by barwarner

Remote computer not available

I have loaded Teamviewer on my Windows 7 Home Premium computer.  When I try to connect to it from another Teamviewer computer, it is never available for a connection.  It would typically be unattended when I want to connect to it, so what must I do to make sure it is always available for connection?  Also, how should I set the power settings in the control panel?

Thnak you.


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Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: Remote computer not available

Hello barwarner,

Thank you for your message.

A computer is only reachable if it is turned on, has a stable internet connection and if TeamViewer is active. This should generate an ID and a password, and a green light with "Ready to connect (secure connection)" should be displayed on your TeamViewer interface.

If all these requirements are OK, make sure your antivirus and firewall does not block TeamViewer. Also check if the ports 5938, 443 and 80 are open on the remote side (ports used by TeamViewer for connections).

Also try to restart the service on the remote side and check 

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to contact us again.


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