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Resetting Options Menu Password

I forgot my Options menu password and would like to reset it. How do I do that?

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Re: Resetting Options Menu Password

Hi NeilAyyar,

There is the only way to solve this issue is uninstalling TeamViewer.

Please follow the correct way to completely uninstall TeamViewer from PC is to follow the steps below: 

1. Close TeamViewer by locating the TeamViewer icon in the system tray , right click and Exit TeamViewer.uninstall.PNG


2. Right click Windows start menu then Control Panel --> Programs/features

3. Locate TeamViewer in the list of programs, then double click to start the uninstall process

4. You can select to remove settings as well, if you do not plan to install TeamViewer again on the same PCuninstall 2.png



If you have Mac, please read this article.

Hope this information will be helpful for you.

Best regards,


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Re: Resetting Options Menu Password

Uninstall not possible.

Teamviewer 12 (MSI Wrapper):

There is a problem ......A dll required....

contact your package vendor (OK)


Jens Meske