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Service Queue spam/fake e-mail

Hi all!

I'm part of an IT department and lately we've been receiving fake/spam Service Queue e-mails.

How do we know it's fake?

1:We don't know the people who need our 'assistance'. (every e-mail we get are typical English / American names)

2: We do not provide IT support to anyone outside of our company.

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Does anyone know how we can prevent such false service queue's ?


Beste regards,


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Re: Service Queue spam/fake e-mail

Hi Jelle,

Thank you for your post. 

Can you please login to your Management Console and have a look at the Design & Deploy tab?

You can access the MCO easily via the fullversion if you click on Connection --> Open Design & Deploy... 

Can you please check if there are any QuickSupport modules created?

Looking forward to your answer and wish you a great day. 

All the best,