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Stolen computer


My laptop was stolen FOUR days ago and I've seen in my control pannel that last connection was THREE days ago. The laptop was stored in my car's trunk. In fact, it was stolen the car with the laptop within.

There is any way to know the IP used for last connection of and the exacty date/time of TeamViewer client of the laptop to TV servers?

That could be very usefull for security forces to have some clue about the car location.

Thanks in advance.


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2 Replies
Posted by Pierrick

Re: Stolen computer

The same for me... Any solution?

Posted by Former Staff Jonathan
Former Staff

Re: Stolen computer

Hello all,

Thanks for the post's!

Sorry to hear about your PC getting stolen. Ifyou have already contacted your local police department, the next step you can take to get further information is to contact our privacy team at privacy@teamviewer.com.

***Please note that they cannot give the IP address directly, they will however guide you to speed up the process

You can submit your request and they will let you know the next steps.

Hope this is helpful,


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