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Posted by Sleepy

I Cant Connect To Someone

it says my license is commercial but it isnt, and the person i connected to isnt using a commercial license. then it locks me out of re connection to  someone why is this happening can anyone help?

Posted by Élodie

How solve my problem if support and community can't help me ?


TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially, so I tried to contact support and they say :

" Due to the high number of private inquiries, we can't provide email support to private users. You can find answers to the most common questions in our Community and Knowledge Base. "

So i tried to contact "Community" and it say :

" First things first: Please be aware that this is NOT an issue that can be resolved in the community. "

If the support and the community can't help me, who can help me please ? I'm limited to 5 minutes only and when I relog after it's tell me to wait 10 minutes ...

I'm using TeamViewer with few friends and familly only (less than 10 contacts), currently 3 registered into my account and my own 2 computers and 1 smartphone. Perhaps it's because I'm using a VPN ?

Best regards,

Posted by firsttimeuser

How to uninstall company trail version and install personal version

I installed Teamviewer and didnt realize i selected a Company version until I was told my trial period was expired. I uninstalled the program. I then went to install for the Personal use and it continues to default back to login screen which says my trail has expired.

How do I fully remove the company trail version and re-install the personal use. I can't call support because I am not a paying customer.



Posted by Jomel

Re: The trial period has expired!

Can you also help mine pls? I have submitted the verification form for private use. But there is no reply. My ticket ID #3520474. Pls help.
Posted by FearRoo55

TeamViewer Chose Both Uses on Installation

I accidentally chose the wrong option of TeamViewer when I reformatted my laptop a few weeks ago. Now, I am running a trial version and have extended the trial version once. Now I am afraid that I will lose access to the software.

My ticket id is 3520361 and I hope someone can help me before my trial runs out!

Posted by NormAtHome

Teamviewer Free 5 minute limit?

Posted by leanhhcm

Change Teamviewer version 12 Company to version personal

Dear support teamviewer

i use teamview for support my friends
I have mistake set up teamviewer version 12 company on my macbook win 10. And now this version has expired.
Please guide me change to version personal . I want to use free version
Many thanks
Posted by leanhhcm


Do they want to force us to buy?

Posted by JohnnyBeGood

Re: >.<

@leanhhcm wrote:

Do they want to force us to buy?

That's how I see it. Eventhough I do not use it for profit but rather to help friends and family computer issues I would be willing to pay $12 every year but not these prices [link removed]

Posted by MrJoe

Re: >.<

Yeah, I submitted a ticket, provided logs, did the needful. Still have not getten a response on how to fix this.

In my case, I was re-imaging a system, and I think I accidentally installed the commercial version instead of the free version. Ever since them one of my PC's will randomly throw this error. I tried removing and doing a clean sweep of the software on all systems, but my primary system has the issue again.

It's starting to look like I need to find something else to use, and I have a new company to shun because of lack of support.

Posted by FearRoo55

Re: The trial period has expired!

Hi Jose:

I put a ticket 3520361 for personal use verification. Could you assist and check the status. I have not heard anything in the past few weeks.


Posted by FearRoo55

Re: Teamviewer 12 beta - count down

I put a ticket 3520361 for personal use verification. Could you assist and check the status. I have not heard anything in the past few weeks.


Posted by Татьяна

не могу подключится пишет что закончилась лицензия бэто версий что делать

translate in english via google translator

Good morning I can not connect to the program writes that the license has expired what to do.

ДОброе Утро не могу подключится к программе пишит что кончилась лицензия что делать.

Posted by masa

I registered mistakenly for commercial use.

I registered mistakenly for commercial use. How can I change my registration information?
Posted by Cryptoxic

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I just received this message that my Trial has expired and I cannot log into my computer back home! I need to access my files on my computer and home while I'm outside. I have filled up the form and submitted it. Please reply as soon as possible as I need my files!

 Ticket ID: 3582514
 Subject: Request from Commercial Use Suspected form

Posted by Gregory-none

Why even i choose personal use when i run it shows me the trial period is end?


When i install the program i choose PERSONAL USE NOT ENTERPRISE and after one month why when i run the program it shows me the trial period is end?

I believe the personal use of the program is FREE?

It isn't?

Posted by Cryptoxic

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

My previous ID was reset but now my main Desktop is showing the trial message! What is happening?! Teamviewer team, please look into my new ticket for my desktop ID!

Ticket ID: 3587301
Subject: Request from Commercial Use Suspected form

Posted by Naraku

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I would also like to solve the problem....

Please HELP !

Posted by MrJoe

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I'm not sure they are interested in helping. It's been over two weeks now since I opened my ticket on it. I sent the logs and did everything they asked, but have heard zero response since then.

Posted by ParkJooHee

I want to change the version to free

Hello. TeamViewer.

I downloaded the program which is commercial version.

But I wanted to use this program for privite version.

Becuase I'm using this program in non-commercial use, just for studying in graduate school.

Could I chage the virsion?

Thank you for support.

Posted by simnix

Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ?


I have the free version so I can remote into my friend computer when he needs help. He can do most thing himself, but, he is blind and relise on a screen reader to talk to him. On some sites the screen reader does not talk to him correctly, that is when he calls me.

My problem is it keeps comming up with the massage "Trial version *expired* (Simon Nixon - SIMNIX Software)". I downloaded and installed version 13 beta, and all seemed OK at first untill it told me my trial had ended. I don't want or need a license. I uninstalled version 13 beta and reinstalled the latest version 12.0.88438, it is still telling me my trial version has ended.

I do not use TeamViewer for any business use, it is use purely for personal use to help my blind friend.

Simon Nixon

Posted by kramdish

Commercial use suspected

Hello, good afternoon,

I use Teamviewer as a tool to connect to several of my computers (I have many at home) and help out a lot of friends.
For example, today I was connected for a few hours to a computer at home, while I was playing. My TeamViewer ID is [ID removed by moderator]
I didn't find a way to upload the log file, so I uploaded it to Dropbox: [personal information removed by moderator]

Could you please change the status of my account?

Thank you very much.

Posted by OfekBorochov

Accidentally Selected Commercial Use

I accidentally selected commercial use instead of personal/non-comercial, and i need the program. how can i fix it so I can use the application without trial?

Posted by Former Staff Jonathan
Former Staff

Re: Accidentally Selected Commercial Use

Hi @OfekBorochov,

Thanks for your post!

Please refer to the following link to get help with your inquiry.

All the best,


Did my reply answer your question? Accept it as a solution to help others, Thanks.
Posted by MrJoe

Re: >.<

After several weeks, I finally got a resolution to the support ticket I submitted. They were able to determine I am not using it for commercial use, and fixed my license.

Posted by Clint

My ID has been blocked w/o reason..

As described in below, my ID [ID removed by moderator] has been blocked although I am using TeamViewer for personal purpose

I usually connect my laptop remotely when I working at office little frequently.

Anyhow, I am not person using TeamViewer for commercial purpose so, hopefully unlock my ID as soon as possible.



Posted by revriandavison

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

HI there, I've not had any of those messages, above or any indication that I'm suspected of using it for commercial purposes.

That's not what the question was about.

Put much more simply,
"are the licence conditions for TV 13 the same as for 12 or have they changed?"
non-commercial charity use is not mentioned in the early stages as it used to be, so it's not clear.

I could ask the sales team, but I follwed what seemed to be the logical path, to ask other users and let the sales team get on with what they are doing, as it's not technically a sales question.

But if you prefer I will ask them instead.

BTW how did my question end up in this thread, when It was posted as a new thread about the licenecing of Team viewer 13????


Posted by Alejapl1986

Re: Unlock commercially licensed equipment to private license

I need a solution, please

Posted by Jenna

How can I change my membership from company to private membership if it was created in error?

I created an account and accidentally selected the Company/ Commercial trial membership.  I am a private user and need to correct this. I have closed my account and uninstalled the program from my computer and erased all references to teamviewer in the registry edit suite as well as app data.  However, when I download the new version, even though I select Private user, it still generates the same account information with a limited trial version. What can I do?

Posted by Mingzhu23

Wrong settings keyed in TeamViewer


I keyed in wrong settings in TeamViewer, it was for personal use but i keyed in business instead. How do i undo the settings as they kept prompting me that the license is expiring. 



Posted by anastasiatzoum

Free license


My name is Anastasia Tzoumaka and I am a student at Brown University. I have a free account with team viewer on my desktop which allows me to use it without paying (free account  email: *Removed by moderator*). However, when I installed the team viewer on my laptop, I chose accidentally a business account. I haven't noticed that since I saw a message saying that my trial period has been expired. As a result, I have no access on my desktop anymore through team viewer. Could you help me to solve this issue? I need to keep my free account and connect with the same free account on my pc.

Best Regards,

Anastasia Tzoumaka

Posted by Vic

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

Hi Esther...

Great post! It is too bad many people either do not read it fully or do not understand what it means.

I have used the free version of Teamviewer for years. It does everything I need and more. Teamviewer makes remote connection so easy that I even use it for other computers in the same room, or on the same desk!

I clean a gun range after hours because it is really dangerous to do while someone is shooting. Ha Ha! Sometimes my wife drops me off and heads to the Hard Rock Casino.

I also use Teamviewer at my work location. When I have finished my job at the range I log in to my personal account on my computer and wait for my wife to pick me up. It is a Mac and I installed Virtualbox on it so that I can run Porteus Linux. It is fun to control my home computers from 18 miles away. Teamviewer works great on Porteus.

At one point I started getting the dreaded "commercial use suspected" warning. After Googling and searching the Teamviewer website I simply followed your instructions and submitted a ticket.

Within a few days Ryan contacted me for the details of my problem. After a couple more days Ryan informed me that my account would have the red flag removed and to continue having fun using Teamviewer. Since then everything has been awesome. Thanks Ryan and Teamviewer.

I hope everyone will relax and realise that Teamviewer is provided "free of charge" and stop negatively criticizing a great effort. Be patient and allow the Teamviewer Team to address everyone's problems with due diligence.

My thanks to you Esther and the rest of the Teamviewer Team,  


Posted by freddehboy

Free license?


I have used Teamviewer for about 6 years. When trying to connect the program says that the license period has expired?

I have choosen private/non-commersial use?

I have upgrade for version 13th!

Best Fredrik

Posted by Jansor

Commercial use detected


I'm having issues with my account now, where I get commercial use detected and get kicked out every 5 minutes. I had an old TW account with license from my old work place, but as I found no way of removing the license completely, i logged all my computers out of that account and added it to my new account for personal use only. No idea why I now get this message, have been using it perfectly fine for 2 months or so.

Any way to get this resolved?



Posted by cksodhi

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

Hi Esther,

I live in Canada and I help my dad who lives in India with his day to day issues.

Ever since I updated to the 13 version, I get the "Commercial use detected" message and my session only lasts 5 minutes.

What do I need to do?

Can you please help?




Posted by thuispc

free use

I only use teamviewer  to help people (friends) and get to my pc's who stand with a friend

now I get that I should use it commercial what isn't can you solve it for me

Posted by yuravk72

Why pop up a window with commercial usage information?

Hello! Why pop up a window with commercial usage information, if it's not true? I do not even use it every day, but if I use it, it is from 5 to 15 minutes. time ... And throws in 1 min. after connecting to another computer! Yuravk My ID XXX XXX XXX(Modified by Admin)

Posted by rferster

Re: Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ?

I get the same **bleep** thing... n they always had to reset my account or something on their end to stop that nag screen! did you have any luck?  mine popped up again 2 days ago.. was good for a long time no issues.. now again!!

Posted by simnix

Re: Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ?

They did something there end and the nagging message stopped appearing, hasn't reappered.

Posted by MichaelO

License for private use??

Hi all,

I am a private user of TeamViewer, using it a most 10x a year to help a member of the family with her computer. After I installed TeamViewer 13, I got a message that my free license had expired and that I need to buy a license. Yet, the website still mentions that TeamViewer is free for private use. Could someone advise me, please? Thanks for your help! Michael O.

Posted by Jochem

Trial expired

Hi Teamviewer, I greatly value your product as a student and need it to access files and control my computers for measurements. I accidentally clicked both commercial and personal use  (under the impression it wouldn't matter) but sadly it led to me being unable to use teamviewer.

Is there any way to correct my mistake and allow me to use the free license of teamviewer?

Kind regards,


Posted by trekfan1

Re: License for private use??

I am a PRIVATE but under one installation ON UBUNTU i have same problem, limit to 5 minute on both directions (IN and OUT)


I'm used teamviewer ON MY PRIVATE COMPUTER WITH MY PRIVATE CONNECTIONS not on COMMERCIAL! But this is happen ONLY when connect on Ubuntu not when connect on my private's windows pc's!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by rosbud84etc

free instalation

trying free instalation for personel useage having all kinds of problems. I am 84 yrs old not a computer **bleep**, which I was..


Posted by Dr_HRNP


How to Reinstall TeamViewer"Free-Version" on PC(OS-10x64) after Complete uninstallation, including Registry-entries -(It's unable to reinstall it on the Same PC)?


Posted by truckdriver

Re: Teamviewer: Commercial use

i have THIS problem too,always will be ok and now Commercial USE! WHY? If Administration of TeamViewer dont fix my account,i will uninstall TV( and install Ammy Admin!

Posted by gamer1302

Teamviwer private license

Hey guys, i only use my Teamviewer in private enviroment and after Update to V13, i get a message, that my TV license has expired.

i only use it sometimes and mostly from my iphone to control my PC.

please inform me how to activate it again for private use.

Thank you!

Posted by kiliasov

Premium and Corporate license Administration


I use TeamViewer on work laptop to manage my home devices, not work related activities.
About a month ago got a popup message saying that commercial usage has been detected. 
Guessing it's doing an IP lookup.
Then license got downgraded to trial and now it expired...

Any way you guys can revert that?

Posted by Bragon

Private use/professionnal use


I use your program only for private help for friends. I 'm not a professionnal, but I connect my self from workplace also.

Your program detect a professionnal area and ask a licence I don't need (private use only).

What can I do to remediate at this problem (connection for 5 miunutes only when I'm connected from the professionnal area).


kind regards



Posted by Localhorst86

Re: Premium and Corporate license Administration

I would also like to know if this is still considered private use. I also use TeamViewer quite often from my workplace PC to either connect to my PC at home or to PCs of relatives. Since I am doing this for my own private purposes I would consider this to be fair use of the free license even though I am accessing these private devices from within the company network. Or will I have to find an alternative to TV?

Posted by Bread

Trail version expired. how to change to personal

so i manged to join some sort of beta, and now my trail license expired.
i use teamviewer personally. and cant change it. i even submitted a Form (ticket ID: 3787626)
and i have not gotten an answer back. in quite a while so im wondering what i can do.