Posted by RobWood

Professional usuage

I seem to be using TeamViewer for professional usuage. 

Please explain how you know this? And why am I now using it only be professional usage. 

It very strange, do you want me to use one of your competitors? 

Posted by Razor512

Re: Teamviewer 13.1.3629 reporting all my PCs as commercial use

I have been having similar issues.



99% of my use of teamviewer is literally controlling my laptop that I will have on the desk next to me while I am on my desktop PC and want to do maintenance like driver updates and other things, but don't want to bother with the laptop keyboard and trackpad.

Beyond that, on rare occasion I will use it to help a family member out, with some basic things.

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Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I posted this in another topic but think it suits here also...

I wish I could buy a personal license!

I'm happy to pay for the software, I get good use out of it but just can't justify the price of the corporate licenses, especially when the cheapest is £31.90/month, so ridiculous.

Recently 2 devices have been coming up with suspected corporate use which is impossible as I don't connect to any devices that are on a domain but now I can't use the software and can't view my friends computers.

I've put in a request but who knows if that will work or not.

Going to have to look at alternative software, which is really unfortunate and annoying Smiley Sad

Posted by Filoor

Re: Commercial use suspected But I am not using it commercially

I'm facing the same problem any work around?

Posted by nafeesra

Re: Teamviewer 13.1.3629 reporting all my PCs as commercial use

Same thing happen to me . I have contact teamviewer and  fill the form where I have mentioned  I am not using this product for  commerical use but still no luck . Teamviewer is dead product for me . Teamviewer company become money greedy now 

Posted by sobeitjedi

TeamViewer showed me a message "Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session duration"

Why can't I connect to my PC at home? I've seen a message which says commercial use dectected, but it's incorrect - this is personal use.

Was working fine last week, just getting this error today. 

Posted by teamviewerattil

Connection blocked

 good morning, I use teamviewer exclusively for private use to control family computers.

lately I get a message that blocks the link:

Connection blocked after reaching the maximum time .....

How can I avoid this blockage? I repeat the use is absolutely private

thank you

Posted by herv55595

utilisateur gratuit, je ne suis pas une entreprise ni professionnel



I have the use of teamviewer to help my friends to update the norton antivirus.

I help them maintain windows 10 in general everyday.

here is the essence of the use I make to help at a distance.

since a few days for your software teamviewer everything is cut after 15 seconds.

a message tells me that you assert me that I have a teamviewer use in a way that is not like an individual.

I write to tell you that I have nothing of a business. I am a human being who helps others be human for their computers and smartphone.

if I would be remunerer for it would be great except that no.

to finalize my message. I look at the price you offer. it's more expensive than the price of my internet access. it is imposssible for me to meet the requirements firancière. I am too poor for that.

and above all, I could not be a business on my own, I am handicapped in the world of employment.

but, thanks anyway for blocking me.

thank you for your attention. cordially




j'ai l'usage de teamviewer pour aider mes amis à mettre l'antivirus norton à jours.

je les aide pour la maintenante de windows 10 en général au quotidien.

voila l'essentiel de l'usage que je fait pour aider à distance.

depuis quelques jours pour vôtre logiciel teamviewer tout est couper après 15 secondes.

un message me dit que vous m'affirmer que j'ai une utilisation de teamviewer de façon qui n'est pas comme un particulier.

je vous écris pour vous dire que j'ai rien d'une entreprise. je suis un être humain qui aide d'autres être humains pour leurs ordinateurs et smartphone.

si je serait remunerer pour cela se serait génial sauf que non.

pour finaliser mon message. je regarder le prix que vous proposer. ça fait plus chère que le prix de mon accès à internet. il est imposssible pour moi de répondre aux exigences firancière. je suis trop pauvre pour ça.

puis surtout je ne pourrait être une entreprise à moi tout seul, je suis handicapé face au monde de l'emploi.

mais, merci quand même de me bloquer.


merci pour vôtre écoute. cordialement

Posted by Ibox

Re: TeamViewer showed me a message "Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session durat

also, it warns you that you have 5 min and after 30/60 seconds disconnects.
Posted by Sleehrat00

Re: TeamViewer showed me a message "Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session durat

I too have now been hit with this notification, ironically on a computer that I JUST reinstalled windows on.  The second time that I logged into the computer, BAM, Commercial Use Suspected.

This is ridiculous.

I called customer support and they were incredibly rude as well, stating that they only speak to people on their help line that are paying license holders.  I get that, but you need to up your game on the customer support front, TeamViewer.  Even if you are telling someone that you can't help them, you don't have to be terse about it.

Based on this thread, I don't think that I can expect any help or return on the email that I sent them about the error either.

Posted by bemo47

Re: TeamViewer showed me a message "Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session durat

same for me.... all connections give this message after very short time !!!!
Posted by Ash18

I use my computers for my own personal use at home and have restricted access time automatically cause it detects it?

So I have 3-4 computers for my own personal use around the house one which is a server and others which are my laptop and home PC.

Since this new Teamviewer release, I've been having issues, which are whenever I go to connect to my computer which is upstairs or wherever in the house it then comes up with Auto commercial use? and restricts me to 5 minutes and this has been annoying...

To which my computers are still on the same network in the house just on different connections such as ethernet the upstairs wifi booster and the downstairs booster. I don't see that being the problem because they would all come under the same router IP?

Any ideas? 

Please help :(


Posted by Dreinv

Free License Limitation


first, sorry for my english... I'm french.

I have a free personnal version of teamviewer. Today, teamviewer  say to me " commercial utilisation detected" and close. But i'm not a professional...

Why i'm detected in professionnal use.

Can you help me ?

Posted by gdcalonder

Private use but teamviewer say commercial use

Dear Community


I've got the message that he think, that i''ve use teamviewer commercial but that isn't right. i had about a year ago for a half year a blockade because teamviewer say my trial license is ouver.


how i can show teamviewer, that i've dont use that commercial and teamviewer-members, if you read that thread, please note that i've alwaya use that privat. it's my personal computer what i've use only private.


[ID removed by moderator]


i know that this is pritty difficult because i'm a infonancial tecnology trainee but i've use that just private.


greatings, gian duri calonder, infornancial tecnology trainee



The Software looks used in commercial. Please look that the Free Version isn't for commercial Thinks use!


Thanks for your fairness


Posted by Ady

Commercial Use Suspected, Connection terminated after 20 seconds

Teamviewer is now unusable, it permanently says commercial use suspected, and session is limited to 5 minutes. However session lasts less than 20 seconds before termination, and can't get back in.

Unable to sumbit a support ticket as this for paid users, and unable to submit log file for analysis because there is an upload limit for 2.5MB and my log file is 3MB.

Posted by skyspy007

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

NOT SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Astaraelx

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I've been using teamviewer for years to access my personal machine  for non commercial use. As I do access it from my workplace, I thought it was fair enough that I received the warning and immediately filled out the proper form to get my licence changed back to the free one so I don't have this 90 second limit on connection.

I logged my request 30 days ago now, and I'm still stuck with the limited connection. Multiple colleagues who use it for the same reasons as me from the same network have since been unlocked, most within a week or two.

Why is mine taking so long, and now over the 30 day advised limit?


Posted by skyspy007

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

Good day Astaralex, I am pretty annoyed with them, i have been using the TV for years also, i am disabled and all of a sudden getting this nonsense of using it commercial. What can we do to get rid of this message, i have un-installed, registered with a new name and different email address and stil getting this message. Hope they do something about it. It is typical of the IT penpushers sitting and looking for someone to annoy!!!
Posted by Bankfodder

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

Unlike many others here, I can't blame them for dealing with their own software the way they want to. However, I think that the incredibly poor customer service is shocking – especially for a German company which I would have thought would have had a little more empathy and also pride in how they treat people

I'm sure that it is useless trying to reregister or reinstall or use different email addresses. I think that the unique identity number is tied into the machine number of your computer and you would have to find a way of changing or disguising the machine number and then reregistering under an unknown email address – and that might do it.

Alternatively of course, get a new computer.

It would simply be nice if TeamViewer would communicate with people. I don't think that is too unreasonable.
Posted by Bankfodder

Re: Commercial use

@ot4ku wrote:

You should look into sueing TeamViewer. They promise free for non-comercial use as part of their business model. If they're going to offer a free version to individual users it's extremely unethical of them to suddenly tell you that you falsely that you're a commercial user and must pay for a commercial license to continue using their product. I'm not a commerical user. It's false advertising, bait and switch, whatever you want to call it. 

Sorry, but I think that this is an absurd suggestion.

There is no basis for suing here. I don't see that this company has made any binding promises to anyone which would then put them under obligation to anyone.

Good manners is a completely different matter though. Some communication with customers and updates as to what is happening would be very helpful and would be normal customer service for most companies

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Not applicable

Re: Commercial use

Agreed Bankfodder.
Posted by Jbib

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

Hi Bankfodder

Unpleasant business decision for money, this problem will never be fixed !
[comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]

Posted by joggs

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

The support team should be back at work as germany totally **bleep** and are out of this world cup in soccer...

Posted by matrixebiz

Drops connection after 30 seconds

Hello, my computer says I have a 5 minute test of the software but it drops my connection after 30 seconds not 5 minutes. How do i fix this? Thanks

Posted by foufouner

Connexion bloquée

J'utilise teamVievwer pour prendre le contrôle de mon ordinateur personnel car je suis hospitalisé.J'ai toujours utilisé TeamViewer à des fin personnel et non commercial cependant depuis hier j'ai ce message !!
Capture d’écran 2018-07-02 à 13.07.18.png

pourquoi ?

Posted by foufouner

Re: Connexion bloquée

@Jbib wrote:

La direction de TeamViewer à décidé de se débarrasser des utilisateurs à titre privé et personnel qui utilisent leur produit à titre gratuit.
Tu peux leur demander de te rétablir comme utilisateur personnel mais ça mettra un certain temps ... il paraitrait au moins 2 mois, et s'ils veulent bien ?


Pas cool ca !!

Cependant pour les alternative sous mac j'ai pas trouvé !

Posted by clanmcwood

Re: Drops connection after 30 seconds

Same with me the companmy is trying to scam people int buying their massivly over pricers product for those that would like to use their apparently FREE personal use licience its a joke 

if this was availible for like $10 a month i would buy it dfor personal use with less features 

I have applied for a so called personal licience wit tthier form but i have heard nothing and doubt I will as it is just am excuse to try and get people to pay the full corporate licince 

Will never recommend TV again to anyone as i am disusted with how the copmpany is acting

Posted by clanmcwood

Re: how to unblock my TeamViewer?

[comment removed per Community Guidelines - #6 - Just the facts, please]

Posted by lookslikelemona

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I have this problem.

I really like Teamviewer and have been using it to support my daughter and parents as well as maintaining a couple of computers around my house - very useful as I broke my leg recently!

I have previously reccomended TV to my employers. I shan't be doing that again.

It appears to me that TV have been making a vast number of wrong calls in automatically and incorrectly detecting 'commercial' use on non-commercial accounts. So with that it mind I can no longer suggest that this is a reliable solution in a commercial context. This problem has affected me and my family but it would be worse if something similar affected a business.

Just in case it helps, as I have seen little in this thread about what may trigger this issue, in my case this is what occurred immediately before the ban hammer came down:

I used a hotspot on my mobile phone to connect through my usual Surface to my home media server. I forgot to close the hotspot on my phone and simply shut up the Surface.

When I returned home a couple of hours later I noticed that my hotspot was still active, my Surface was still connected to it and TV was still open. I closed it all down and switched to my laptop to connect again to the media server in my property.

I got the notice that commercial use was detected.

Since then, despite being promised 5 minutes of connection time, I get about 1 minute before it closes and then I'm unable to connect for 10-15 minutes. This makes all but tiny tasks impossible and I have been unable to assist my daughter with her homework (she often needs help with Photoshop and Office).

My guess it was the length of the connection, left idle through my hotspot that was flagged.

I've submitted logs, twice. The form submission has been acknowledged on both occasions and I've twice explained the situation at length. I'm now waiting on whatever happens next - although I'm deeply concerned I'm falling into the black hole so many others have descibed. I'm not really seeing anyone say "hey, I filled in the appeal form and everything got fixed".

As things stand, I've got to consider alternatives. There's pain in switching and I really don't want to. But as the window for a possible and uncertain resolution to this issue is so incredibly long I may well have to eat it up and somehow have my relatives install a different solution (I certainly couldn't do it for them inside the 60 second window I'm allowed and that's probably intentional).

Should that happen, TV have lost a fan and a potential customer and turn them from an ambassador to a vocal critic.

Posted by KunjanChauhan

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

It is sad to say that after many years of happily using TeamViewer for personal use, for helping friends and family with occasional IT problems and for voluntary community work where every now and again we collaborate using TV, the software has now become unusable for me as well.

I struggle with repeated popups stating suspected commercial use and time limited connections that last less than the time to connect and handshake.  No they do not last 5 minutes!

[comment removed per Community Guidelines - #6 - Just the facts, please]

At this time, I too can no longer recommend "TV".

Posted by AngeloGomes

Bye Teamviewer...

I never own a cent with teamviewer... I did use  it to access my computers. Now, their algorithms said I've cheated, as private use.

I would like to purchase the license, but the price is non sense.

Ok, no problem.


[comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy] 

Thank you guys.. you did a wonderful job.





Posted by thduat

Change Teamviewer version 13 Company to version Personal

Dear Support Teamviewer,
I use Teamview do support my friends
I have mistake setup Teamviewer version 11 Company on my laptop Win 8. And now this version has expired.
Please guide me change to version personal. I want use version Free.
Screenshot 2018-07-05 10.31.49.png
Posted by bazbsg

Re: Sorry for the interruption Your usage level has crossed the free user allowance

I've now been waiting for one month and two days. I haven't heard anything from my request and my Teamviewer is still useless as it is.
Posted by Thomy22

Re: Change Teamviewer version 13 Company to version Personal

same Problem here

Posted by BDP

licencia gratuita (uso no comercial)

Buenos dias

Seguramente hay algún post relacionado con lo que voy a  poner pero no sé ingles y me resulta muy complicado hacerme con toda la información que hay en community.

El problema es que en su día descargué la licencia gratuita para uso no comercial, valorando que se podía por los requisitos.

Desde hace algunos día me salta una ventana diciendo que han detectado que utilizo el programa para temas comerciales (que no es cierto) y que debo adquirir una licencia.

El programa lo utilizo exclusivamente para conectarme al ordenador del trabajo desde casa  (trabajar con documentos, consultar correo electrónico...) o cuando estoy fuera (un viaje de trabajo) pero no saco ningún beneficio económico por ello.

Espero poder resolver este tema o en su caso, la duda, por si interpreté mal las caracterisiticas.


Posted by BIOSYS

Re: licencia gratuita (uso no comercial)

Me pasa exactamente lo mismo con la aplicacion de windows. Me dice que hay uso comercial y me interrumpe todas las conexiones. Sin embrago con la aplicacion de Android no tengo ese problema.

Soy tambien un usuario particular, no obtengo benecicio economico y solo lo uso para conectarme al PC de Casa o al Portatil y a mi telefono movil y tablet para mis cosas personales.

Posted by Nawak86

Re: licencia gratuita (uso no comercial)


i'm french and i have the same problem, i use teamviewer for my personnal use and help my friends or family can you help me support ?



Posted by 23Brian

Problem with license

Hi. Ever since about 1 month ago, I've had this problem with the license: whenever I try to connect with a computer (which is the only one I've ever used for remote control) a message appears telling me that I must buy a commercial license to continue using remote control, even though I only use it on two different computers at home for non-commercial purpose. Is there any way I can fix this?

I already tried unistalling and reinstalling TeamWiever on both computers and updating it to the latest version, but it didn't work.


Thanks in advance.

Posted by Reivilo47

non-commercial sessions interrupted after a few seconds

Posted by atkachuk95a

Re: Problem with license

[comment removed per Community Guidelines - #6 - Just the facts, please]

Posted by tapok

Commercial use detected

Houston! We have problems!!! I am not a company and I use your product solely for personal purposes (NOT COMMERCIAL) Why do they force me to pay (((? mujuice_grustnie_glaza.jpg

Posted by Vladimir_Orlov

Re: Commercial use detected

Posted by sergio-live

Re: Commercial use detected

ho lo stesso problema
Posted by GgBridge

Free License Limitation

I do not use Teamviewer for commercial purposes but only to troubleshoot my friends or family members.
I am stuck after a few seconds.
Could you restore my connection, please?
Cordially thank you.
[ID removed by moderator]

Posted by lookslikelemona

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!


I received an email last night telling me that TeamViewer believe me!

(literally, thats what they said!)

So I'm back to a working personal use license again.

Bit of a blip.

Posted by davidpitt03

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I'm still waiting for my reply but even when/if I do get it, it will be too little too late.

Couldn't be without remote access so I have moved over [edited by Moderator]


. Would've happily paid TeamViewer money but they don't seem to want it. Maybe they've got enough, which would be a strange buisness model!

Teamviewer have lost out, i won't be using or recomending them again.

Posted by KunjanChauhan

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

This is good news. Looks like they are reviewing usage manually.

Posted by webseodev

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

Hello everyone!
I am grateful for the long time of cooperation! I was approached by a free license. It's time to part. I'll buy a similar product for six years at the price of one year of TV. Best wishes and rest in peace.

Posted by Bogmore

Detected business use fix.

There is obviously a problem with the detection system, can you fix it or disable it for now?
I have a home network and use teamviewer to connect to a Laptop to control things like iTunes and some other things. I once connected via my android phone so I could buy a UK lottery ticket from Spain.

Over a week ago I had the "detected business use" popup, and by the way the "5 minutes" you say you can use is actually 1 minute,  I have contacted supoort via the form and now when I look at the form it says "Be aware that due to a large number of requests from our private users, answering your request may take up to 30 days. Please bear with us."

If a large number of people are having this problem doesn't it suggest that your detection system is returning far too many false positives?  I use 13.1.3629 and have done a full reinstall removing the settings.

Please fix this soon.

Posted by Fathi

Free License Limitation on Iphone


i have been useing teamviewer for many years Privat, and since last week i get msg that i use it for business but iam not i only use it for privat(my home pc, my laptop, my wifes laptop, my brothers pc and fathers pc)!!!!! and now iam limited 1 min connectionand 10min me pls

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