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Posted by AlexisJane

Re: Sorry for the interruption Your usage level has crossed the free user allowance

Good morning all.

I had an email response to my “personal verification” request this morning.

My usage has now been set to private due to my logs indicating private use only. I presume my explanation came into play also.

They reiterated what is personal use and is business use. If the day ever comes that it is needed for business use I’ll happily purchase a licence.

Good luck everyone.
Posted by andsim

Re: connection timed out?

wonder any of you to connect to a server in the past?

next question is windows pro a server?

Posted by Sativa

Re: Automatically disconnected after one minute

I have the same problem since two days. I used teamviewer for private use since months without any problem and now i'm recognized like commercial and kicked after 30 sec.

Hope they will fix it.


Posted by hd00ljy

Re: Automatically disconnected after one minute

I haver the same issue since the last week.

I sent report personally to the branch in my country but couldn't receive any reply.

Posted by TheAncient

Re: connection timed out?

 @andsim  Windows Pro is NOT a server. Server Editions of Windows are actually called "Windows Server YYYY" (where "YYYY" is the year). Take a look at You will find one section for "regular" editions of Windows and another section listing "server" editions.

I believe if you run Teamviewer on a server, you are probably considered a "commercial" user. I have never connected to (or from) a machine running a server version of Windows.


Posted by RCraddz

Re: connection timed out?

Ongoing issue for a lot of free users, their repsonse is here. Good Luck
Posted by sam20e

Re: connection timed out?

thank you @RCraddz

Posted by TheAncient

Re: connection timed out?

@RCraddz  This thread deals with a time-out issue, NOT with a "commercial use" issue. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I had the problem of Teamviewer getting set to "commercial" at an earlier occasion. I submitted a "problem report" and had an answer the next  morning: "Thank you very much for your message. I set your ID to private, non-commercial usage, because I believe you that you do only use TeamViewer for private use. So you are now able to use the free, non-commercial version again."  The issue I (and others participating in this tread) am having this time around is, that Teamviewer times out after 30 seconds or so and unceremoniously kicks me out. There is no mention of commercial use and, if the message from TV is to be believed, they have manually set my account to "non-commercial"


Posted by sam20e

Re: connection timed out?

well @TheAncient the only problem is, we dont have such "report a problem" option....I can only see a feedback option but i already sent them a message via feedback and no reply for more than weeks now. 

Posted by sebi

Re: connection timed out?

No conneection to a server for me.

And the "commercial suspected" and not really the solution as it happens to many users suddenly without any reason. It is a bug and they should fix it.

I already sent a feedback to their support and claimed regarding this "non ommercial" user.

No answer so far. No really a good publicity if they want to sell the commercial version...

Posted by TheAncient

Re: connection timed out?

In that case, maybe the form linked by RCraddz can get a reaction out of them. I just wanted to make sure we're talking about the same issue here: Commercial use is one issue which, in my case, was addressed by TV. Time-outs is a different issue which, as far as I know, has not been addressed by TV.
Posted by minhkhuevnb

Change from business version (teamviewer 13) to personal

my friend and I installed teamviewer and chose business version by mistake, now we cant change it back to personal version (which is free), can you support guys help us? 

Posted by gigor15

Re: connection timed out?

I submited the above mentioned link 3 days before. No answer yet . They noticed there that the answer could be up to 30 days. So I'm not sure there will be any answer at all

Posted by Gaspode

Re: You can't open a ticket, instead look at the first post i...

Yeah - but I've had no response in a week - hopeless.


I guess its another push to cull the home users.

Posted by wrmichael

Re: Private use, not commercial - uso privato, non commerciale

@piergiu10 wrote:

Hi, I using your software from a long time, a few days ago I received a warning telling me that I use it commercially, thus blocking the session. I want to clarify that I do not use it for commercial purposes, I simply connect to my home pc while I'm away. Can you help me solve the problem?


Salve, utilizzo il vostro software da molto tempo, qualche giorno fa mi è comparso un avviso dicendomi che ne faccio un uso commerciale bloccandomi così la sessione. Ci tengo a precisare che non lo utilizzo per fini commercili, semplicemente mi collego al mio pc fisso di casa mentre sono via. Potete aiutarmi a risolvere il problema?


Grazie in anticipo

Posted by Rubycat

Re: Do you ever plan on fixing my problem

[comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]

Posted by Postma

Re: Teamviewer sessions repeated cut-off after a few minutes / removing no longer existent PCs

I am having this same issue. How am I able to contact you regarding this? I use TeamViewer often and I am unable to connect for more than one minute as of late.

Posted by durango77

Re: Teamviewer sessions repeated cut-off after a few minutes / removing no longer existent PCs

I have this problem too and it is driving me nuts.  I am in Mexico and I am trying to help my wife in Canada with her computer and I keep getting kicked off.    It used to be good for using to help family and friends but not anymore.

Posted by Rubycat

Re: Commercial to Personal license

I kept getting the commercial use warning and getting closed within seconds even after sending the file Teamviewer wants and being told the first time they believed I was personal use only and they had reset it to Free but it still did not work, then the next teamviewer "engineer" tells me I am using it for Commercial reasons.  

I did not touch the MAC address on my main computer that I use to connect to two other ones in my house for personal use only.

What I did was delete Teamviewer Appdata, then searched and deleted in the registry anything Teamviewer, then uninstalled Teamviewer using Revo Uninstaller and scanning for remnants, then rebooting.  Next I installed a new copy of Teamviewer Free.  It made a different Teamviewer number than before.  So far it works and it's been on for half an hour with both other computers. I changed nothing on the two remote computers.

Posted by Ilja

Connection cuts off after a while (TeamViewer free license)

Hi there,

i have a problem with a free version of TeamViewer. We are using it in a band to mirror a laptop, which contents the Textsheets, to an ipad. After a while the connection gets lost. And the time of connection gets shorter. Why is this happening and can this be solved without needing to buy a pro-license?

thanks in advance for your help!


Posted by drDubbelklick

Re: connection timed out?

I was given the following url

by contacting the Swedish office.

/Thomas J. Ekman
Posted by Andyscorp

Teamviewer blocked me the service

Teamviewer blocked me the service and writes:it seems that you make a professional use of the program.

I am a private person!

How can I unlock the program?

Posted by Uranya

Suspected commercial use

Dear friends,

today I have received blocks on connections to friend's pcs.
I do not use Teamviewer fo commercial purpose, but only to help friends.

It is several years that I do it, what's happening?

Please help me to overcome this new limit.
Thank you!

Posted by lkm

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I too am suffering a false positive on my personal use.  I submitted the form and my logfile last month, but still no response.  Meantime my TeamViewer has been getting more and more restricted (now logs me out after 5 minutes and I have to wait before reconnecting).

As others have said, it seems TeamViewer now employs more aggressive methods to try to auto-detect commercial use (judging by the 800+ posts in this thread).

I use it to help with family member computers, and I have never gotten financial compensation in my life (not one cent).  And no server operating system or anything like that.

What I've been doing recently, is re-purposing old family computers for my niece and nephew.  I've been remoting in a lot to set them up, but now TeamViewer wants me to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars for a commercial license, which would cost more than just buying new computers for the kids!

Posted by Kawashima

Session is force closed in private use.

Hi, I am private user of team viewer13.
I have tried to use TM in private use, but TM gave that message "Is is cmercial use?, you have to upgrade license".
I was supprised about this.

How did it define that my using is private?

I have 2 private laptops, one is in my home and other is in my office for private use.

Normally I use TM for my 2 laptops data sharing or something.

I have used TM for helping my friend , but it also private use.

I would like to know how to change back to private use.


Posted by semleong

Why I can't use the free teamviewer

Why I can't use the free teamviewer anymore ?

Posted by TheAncient

Time-out problem solved by re-install

I fixed the problem on my machine by re-installing Teamviewer.

Quick re-cap: Machine "A" was running the FULL version of Teamviewer and Machine "B" was running the HOST version of Teamviewer. I was trying to connect from machine "A" to machine "B" but kept getting disconnected with a "time-out" message each and every time in less than a minute. Note: This only concerns this "time-out disconnect" - it does NOT address the "commercial use suspected" issue some of you are experiencing.

I completely uninstalled Teamviewer from machine "A" using Revo uninstaller. I manually searched my system drive and deleted anything and everything that even remotely smelled of Teamviewer. Next, I re-booted the computer. I then re-installed the FULL version of Teamviewer on machine "A" and re-connected to my account. I am now, once again, able to connect machine "B" without getting kicked out in less than a minute.


Posted by maineman

Do I need a Subscription for a Donation service?

I am setting up a computer training website for Older-Adults. I will be working for Donations for now. I also might be doing some remote login. Question is do I need a subscription for Teamview if it's for a Donation service?

Thank you

Posted by Bynming

Flagged as commercial user?


I use Teamviewer on my personal network to manage two other PCs but I get a message that asks that I upgrade to a professional license to continue. The message says "You are currently using a free version of TeamViewer on your business network. TeamViewer is free for personal use only". These three computers are inside my home and they're all for browsing and entertainment.

Is there any way I can restore the program's functionality for my personal use?


Posted by heavybteddy

Re: Suddently getting message that i am on business network even though i am on my home network

same issue on my computer, no idea why or how to fix it

Posted by romina

team viewer personale use

Please note that the use of the program is totally personal 
and is not used for commercial purposes.
Posted by dkc1959

Re: team viewer personale use

Same issue ... barely get 1 minute before it closes connection

Posted by hexing

TeamViewer thinks I'm using commercial software! I'm sure it's personal use

I too am suffering a false positive on my personal use.  I submitted the form and my logfile last month, but still no response.  Meantime my TeamViewer has been getting more and more restricted (now logs me out after 5 minutes and I have to wait before reconnecting).

Who can help me

Posted by Turiican

Re: TeamViewer thinks I'm using commercial software! I'm sure it's personal use

I know exactly what you are going through.
I had my account unlocket 2 times in the past years and today, again, i am locked.

I am using my account for family (4 people) and around 8 friends of mine which one is, as I know now, in a domain at home which triggerd it once. maybe this time again?

This is just getting annoying...

Posted by mattdud

Support? What Support!

Last Saturday I had an issue with Teamviewer logging me out and blocking me as it thought I was using it for commercial use, which I wasn't! I addded a topic to get help.  NOT ONE attempt to help me with this problem! I can't call the tech team as I don't have a commecial licence.

I will go else where if I don't get the support I need!

Posted by DigiDom

Can not complete personal use verification form.

I am currently trying to fill out the personal use verification form here. However I am unable to submit a log file as I only use the portable version on the pc that is being flagged for commercial use. I have no admin access on the flagged pc so i am unable to install teamviewer.

I've always recomended teamveiwer to anyone that asked but after this im not so sure.

Please Help

Posted by ReynHartono

Re: Support? What Support!

You can fill the form at
But, since we are free users, expect them to act for a relatively long time. I have filled the form since about 3 weeks ago, and still no luck till today.
Posted by patrick37

Re: TeamViewer thinks I'm using commercial software! I'm sure it's personal use

exactly what happens with me also

i am now blocked for the seventh time!!

every time they unlock me and one month later the same happens

and the price is absurd!

Posted by xprt0071

Re: Teamviewer sessions repeated cut-off after a few minutes / removing no longer existent PCs


I started this thread and actually after getting the above problem, I thought it would be too cumbersome going through the suggested process of convincing the Teamviewer team, I was using the laptop/teamviewer only for prvate stuff. I do not know, since I have re-installed Windows on my laptop a few times since then, whether that played a role. In such a case, my "new" PC, which had been added to my account was no longer there. Apparently, Teamviewer does not recognize the old entry or connect it to the pc. That's why I was originally asking how one can remove such PCs from the online account.

Anyway, i decided not to add my PC again and actually did not use the account based approach again. Instead, I decided to install on the "fresh" laptop just the simple portable version.

For my friend, we removed the Teamviewer version allowing account use and installed the simple portable version. This worked with no issue. I cannot just access his PC and for each session, we use Skype or email to to get the ID/password and can then I can connect.

Recently, for yet another guy, who apparently had this other version connected to the account, I was using my portable version, but he still had the account connected version. His 1.5 year old son was recently knocked down by a car. I was helping him urgently draft a report to the police & insurance to be sent that day, and then we get this outrageous cut-off, allegedly because of commercial use.

I was so angry... anyway, we had to find other means to do that. I later uninstalled the version on his pc and installed a portable version. I also deleted all PCs on my account and that very account itself. I had to log in using another hardly used account to post this.

We have been able to use the portable versions so far. I would suggest, unless you go the way of convincing Teamviewer ... to remove the 2 PCs from the account, uninstall the version of Teamviewer you have and install portable versions. Before each session, though, you have to get via Skype or some other means the ID/PW of your wife.

I'm sure that's a quicker solution and will work at least for a while.

I hope it helps

Posted by woodyboy

Re: Commercial use suspected pop-up message

Same here. See my C&P ticket below:
Ticket ID: 4151798
Subject: Request from Commercial Use Suspected form
Posted by GoNz0

Commercial use suspected again

Every couple of years I get this but now I have to go through here?

Well it has happened again so can someone please unblock my account, nothing has changed since last time.

Posted by sparani

Re: Commercial use suspected again

Same for me, just using it on my private PCs at home and I always get these messages nowadays:


Posted by GoNz0

Re: Commercial use suspected again

Something has changed for them to do this to us, they are obviously pushing the free users away as they do not need us, probably due to the excessive pricing structure. Instead of offering a home network licence £382 for a single connection licence per year is a total joke.

I guess I will start looking at other RDP solutions, I did like teamviewer as I also use it for work but even they are looking for an alternative due to the price they pay to use this to support us field techs who need assistance deploying computers to our clients.


Posted by dian2n

Commersial use limitation

I get limitations in sessions when using thimiever and I'm prompted to buy the paid version. I do not use the program for commercial purposes, and I believe that your estimation algorithm is based on data that can be interpreted in two ways. As a result of misinterpretation, I am accepted as a business user. This is not true. I have two places where I live and I have computers there. I go to work during the day and occasionally connect with computers in these places to make sure everything is fine there. I do this from my computer at work, where I identify myself with my user name in teamviewer. Other my colleagues also use this program on the same computer. They use their login name.
I have no idea how your algorithms are working to detect business consumption, but that does not happen to me. I do not take money to support foreign computers. The computers I'm accessing with Teamviewer are just mine.
What can I do to reuse the free version without restrictions. What should I do to prevent myself being mistakenly recognized as a business user from your system

Posted by MyNameIsJeff

Re: Teamviewer access

I have the same problem!!! HELP PLEASE

Posted by Tsoots

Re: Teamviewer access

Very same problem here. Helping my +80yrs old Mother is suddenly considered commercial and not allowed without buying a license. She does cook me a lunch or dinner every now and then but not even weekly but still I would not count that as commercial use of Teamviewer. What are the Teamviewer options.

Posted by sylviae

Re: we've detected you're using Teamviewer on a business network

i too have had "suspected commercial use" and running a "Business network" when it is a home network and i only use TV on average twice a month to help friends free. i wrote to them and included logs which prove my case, but no reply.

[competitor link removed by moderator per community guidelines]


Posted by trekfan1

Re: we've detected you're using Teamviewer on a business network

Problem: cloudberry remote assistant do not have a Linux version...
Posted by Thanos81

Limited Usage Free License

Good Morning

When I try to connect to my PC from my office your software give me an allert I am using it as a commercial usage.

I already had this problem in the past and I specified I do not use teamviewer for commercial usage, I only connect to my home PC during the day I am at work, from my working PC, to check my personals E-MAIL, chat with friends via whatsapp web and similar things that are not for work. 

I think this is a personal usage not a enterprise one even if I use it almost every day for hours. How can I fix this issue? I really need and love your software but I am not going to pay 334€ for year to use this function.

Can you please help me or indicate me how to fix this problem?

Thank you so much

King regards


Posted by AVPolyakov

Re: коммерческое использование

Аналогично. На мой взгляд, полное свинство - критерии коммерческого использования нигде не указаны. Я использую TV исключительно в личных целях, и получил эту гадость совершенно неожиданно. Хорошо хоть, не в заграничной поездке, а в часе езды от дома.