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Teamviewer usage on university


I have had a teamviewer account for a few years now and I am very light user, connecting 5 to 10 times a month at most. I use Teamviewer sometimes to connect my home computer to my computer @school. I am currently a PhD student on an assitanship ( and a debt) who can't really afford the service, but really appreciates the free version. The software has recently started to prompt me that I am using it in a commercial environment, asking me to call support or get a paid version. I called today and spoke to a person in sales. I explained to him my situation and he told me that given that I am not connecting from home to home I am considered a commercial user. I explained to him how little I use teamviewer and how my ip comes from my school. He told me that even if he puts an exception, it will reset in a couple of days. At the end of the conversation he told me that I had to basically get a licence or stop using the software. 

I wonder if given that it can be detected that I use teamviewer from an IP belonging to a university, and also rarelly use it, is there a way to make an exception, or detect such situation. I have no intension to use the software outside of the licence agreement, but I believe the usage I am giving is not comercial at all, and I can't really afford it. There are other options, such as vnc, but teamviewer is convenient. I could perhaps create an account with my student email? 

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Re: Teamviewer usage on university

Not sure if they can do that. I think it a key problem with the detection algorithm, which I guess they applied new rules to let more users detected as commercial use and push them to buy license. Anyway, have to give up TeamViewer, though like it so much.