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Teamviewer with the new Google Pixel 3a

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could assist me in finding out if TeamViewer will provide full functionality (via the app) for the new Google Pixel 3a. I had heard that the Pixel 2 and TeamViewer only allow for screen sharing and not interactivity. Will a user be able to use the TeamViewer app and click on other apps, swipe, etc. on the Pixel 3a?

For example, I can currently use TeamViewer to connect to my Samsung phone and use it with my mouse on the computer as I would a finger or stylus on the phone. A disability does not allow me to utilize my hands and I was hoping to find out the answer regarding the Pixel 3a before purchasing the device.

If it does not allow interactivity, does Teamviewer have a list of phones that allow for complete interactivity with the phone through a computer or tablet via the TeamViewer app?

Thank everyone for any information they may provide.