Posted by satsumasalad

Time limit on free version

Hi, I installed Teamview 14 for Win 10 a few months ago, tried it to see if it worked, it did, v well.  I use it for one use only: to connect from my laptop to a desktop in another part of the house on the same LAN.  I have mobility issues and prefer not to travel between machines if there's another way.  Which apparently there is.  Hurrah!

Over the last few days I've been using it again and discover there seems to be a 3-minute limit whereupon the session appears to lock up.  I can disconnect, apparently cleanly, and connect again and all is well.  For another three minutes or so. I do not get any messages about apparently breaching the commercial use rule.

Other posts on this have suggested checking the version - the app at each end reports it is up-to-date - and asking TV to review the case.  If I really have to pursue that, how do I go about it?

Sure am hoping there's another way.  Please advise, thank you.