Posted by zockerjonny

Windows 10 devices broken

I downloaded Teamviewer 12 for privat usage, i installed it on my Notebook and my Gaming PC to remotely switch Musik on my Notebook (my notebook is next to my stereo system while my PC is like 3 meters away). In the start it worked complety fine, but at some point my Notebook wasn't responding anymore through Teamviewer, so i stood up, walked to Grafikbug.PNGTaskmanager bug, the ammount of displayed Information is like this in any Windows programm (Snipping Tool, normal Folder etc.)my Notebook and my Notebook freezed, no respond at all, tried to close Teamviewer on my PC, not working. I Forced shutdown my Notebook, now it takes a long time till its back up, it sometimes Freezes and my windows programms don't display anything valueable. From Taskmanager to normal folder. 

My PC layedout for gaming has a problem as well, when i shut it down, it simply won't or it takes longer than 10 min (never waited longer till force shutdown). It normally took less than a minute to shutdown, i've even manually closed and shutdown all programms (Nvidia, Gamemanager,Teamviewer,Hamachi and so on)


For the moment Teamviewer is still installed on both Devices, but are setted to not start up with windows. I won't uninstall it for now, because i'm afraid it causes another freeze.