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grant easy access

I am, from California, using teamviewer to assist my mother, in Oregon,  on her mac. 

I have been connecting to her desktop by having her provide a password. I would like to be able to skip this step if possible.

I am using my partner's computer, where she also has teamviewer loaded -- in the past, when I was not living with her, I would help her with computer issues also. My computer was stolen, so I am now using her computer to help my mother.


the "grant easy access" function asks for an email and a password.

Is it asking for her email or my email?

And if it is the latter, that I should be using "my" email, while I am using my partner's computer, ie: her teamviewer ID, do I need to provide her email and password?


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Re: grant easy access

Hi @A_Good_Return 

Thank you for your post.

You are welcome to register your TeamViewer account for storing contacts and computers, to know more about What is a TeamViewer account

Hope it is useful.