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team viewer can 15 crashing on Mac

teamview is not working on Mac. when i used verison 14, it said need to update to newest version, but i am sure i didn't upgrade my office computer to version 15. after i update both computer to 15. it had problem again, first time it just help me to connect to my officer computer without control screen. then it said it have unkown reason. my company has a license. but seems TV didn't support MAC anymore

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2 Replies
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Re: team viewer can 15 crashing on Mac

Hello @NingWong

Thank you for your message.

Indeed, we have noticed several bugs/dysfunctional behaviours with the release of v15 on macOS.

However, there are bugs that can be resolved.

As your company owns a license, feel free to open a ticket and get help from our technical support.



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Re: team viewer can 15 crashing on Mac

This seems like an odd response... Are we to understand that Teamviewer is aware of bugs in the version 15 for OS X... and rather than fix them or list them, the suggestion is that we all idividually raise tickets? Presumably this is not a serious suggestion.  I am aware of TV14>TV15 updates killing OSX machines and people having to revert to TimeMachine backups... Can we have some serious comment please ASAP?