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Can't connect to Ubuntu 20.04 after reboot

Hi there,

I am having problems connecting to an Ubuntu 20.04 machine running TeamViewer 15.10.5. I am running the same version locally, but on Windows 10.

When the Ubuntu computer is started, I can see it appear in my Computers & Contacts list, but I cannot connect to it using either the IP address or its TeamViewer ID. It just shows "Connecting..." and nothing happens.

I have these TeamViewer options set:

- "Personal password (for unattended access)" is set up
- The "Grant easy access" box is checked
- "Access Control" is set to "Full Access"
- "Random password after each session" is set to "Keep current"
- "Incoming LAN connections" is set to "accept"
- The device is assigned to my account

...are there any relevant settings I'm forgetting?

If I physically go to the Ubuntu computer and login, I am then able to connect with TeamViewer from my PC. If I lock the Ubuntu screen, no problem, I can still login remotely. The problem only returns if I log out of Ubuntu (or reboot).

Another alternative I've found is to connect first using Xrdp + Windows Remote Desktop. This seems to wake something up on the Ubuntu machine. Then I can close the Xrdp connection and TeamViewer will now be able to connect successfully.

Interestingly, the computer seems to have two different TeamViewer IDs, depending on whether I login to Ubuntu in person or using Xrdp. I have tried both IDs trying to test the connection, both just hang until I first login as described.

If I check teamviewer info in the terminal I get:

TeamViewer 15.10.5 (DEB)

grep: /opt/teamviewer/config/global.conf: Permission denied
TeamViewer ID:  ***(nothing shows up here)***
Try restarting the TeamViewer daemon (e.g. teamviewer --daemon restart)

teamviewerd status ● teamviewerd.service - TeamViewer remote control daemon
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/teamviewerd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Wed 2020-09-30 14:34:55 EDT; 33min ago
Process: 3989 ExecStart=/opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/teamviewerd -d (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
Main PID: 3991 (teamviewerd)
Tasks: 25 (limit: 115813)
Memory: 71.7M
CGroup: /system.slice/teamviewerd.service
└─3991 /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/teamviewerd -d

Sep 30 14:34:55 christine systemd[1]: Starting TeamViewer remote control daemon...
Sep 30 14:34:55 christine systemd[1]: teamviewerd.service: Can't open PID file /run/teamviewerd.pid (yet?) after start: Operation not permitted
Sep 30 14:34:55 christine systemd[1]: Started TeamViewer remote control daemon.


My /etc/gdm3/custom.conf file has "WaylandEnable=false" uncommented.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Re: Can't connect to Ubuntu 20.04 after reboot