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Raspberry Pi 4 (Buster) Teamviewer will not start up and can't do setup after install


I just got a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4byts ram and 32 Gbyte card. It is running the lastest version of Buster operating system.

I have installed Teamviewer server on it and want to access it remotely from my chrome book.

I installed Teamviewer from here the linux repository at teamviewer and I re booted the Pi after it installed, but in trying to SETUP the new install the setup fails each time and I get an error message saying that Teamviewer is not running.

I have issued commands in the terminal to start teamviewer, but the command to setup teamviewer fails with the same error message - Teamviewer not running even though I have been asked for passwords and they were accepted.

Task manager on the Pi shows teamviewer is using some memory but no processor power, so it looks like some part of it is running.

Any help would be great and much appreciated. Thanks.