Not Ready. Please check your connection


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Not Ready. Please check your connection

After scrolling through the message boards looking at solutions to my problem I havent been able to find anything that works.

I am runningTeamviewer 15 on the  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on the remote machine and Windows 10 on the host machine.

I am unable to connect to my remote computer and live out of state. Luckily I have **Third Party Product** also so I can still work but I would like to get this fixed. I keep getting the message "Not ready. Please check your connection". I am also unable to get onto the teamviewer website on the remote machine. 

Any suggestions? Ive already done the classic reinstall fix


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Re: Not Ready. Please check your connection

Hi @ZLawless 

Could you please look at this related article all the details?

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