Resolution and mouse pointer issues from Android to Debian

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Resolution and mouse pointer issues from Android to Debian

TeamViewer (version 14.5.1691) is running into the following problems when opening a connection to a remote host running Debian 9:

1. The resolution is the lowest you can possibly get (I guess 140p or lower), making everything unreadable to the human eye.

2. The cursor won't show up in any way, no matter what I try.


My settings are as follows:

Choose highest quality instead of optimal performance, highest possible resolution selected, show remote cursor (hoped to have at least 1 visible cursor, but still had none).


The only way I am able to see something is when changing the resolution after taking control of the remote device. When doing so, it applies what seems to be the selected resolution, afterwards I can put it back on the highest available resolution without issues. BUT I have to do this manually every time I take control of the remote device. The cursor almost never appears, or sometimes it magically appears after minutes.

I have been using TeamViewer on all my devices for eternity. This issue only appears on the mobile app and only appears when taking control of the Debian machine (not Windows or Mac).