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Teamviewer 14.2.2558 won't install on Ubuntu 14.04

I have just tried to install TV 14.2.2558 and it wont enstall even with apt-get -f install teamviewer=14.2.2558

Erros ceom up saying it depends on libqt5widgets5



When trying to install via software centre the followiing error occurs:



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1 Reply
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Re: Teamviewer 14.2.2558 won't install on Ubuntu 14.04

Of course it will not do so. Like 14.1.* it depends on qt5, Ubuntu 14.04 only has qt4 unless you have found a way to upgrade qt... TV14.0.* included a file to add qt5 features for TV to use, but that broke with 14.1.*.

In theory 14.0.14470 may be still available, it is certainly the last version that will work on Ubuntu 14.04 and other distros using the same codebase, e.g. Mint 17.*